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Opening a private clinic. Premises for rent

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Suppose you have commercial property available. The question always arises of how to use it most effectively. One option is to rent a room. Why can this be beneficial? Firstly, commercial real estate must be truly commercial, that is, generate income. Secondly, the owner is just comfortable when he has such a source of constant income with relatively little effort. Thirdly, at present, there is an increasing number of new firms for which the presence of their representative office is absolutely undeniable. One way or another, taking into account market observations, rents will tend to increase rather than decrease. All these factors contribute to a quick payback and a stable audience even now, despite the crisi

As for potential tenants, it makes sense to pay attention to representatives of private medicine, whose share is constantly increasing. There are fewer public medical institutions, the reputation of public medical institutions is not perfect, the incidence rate is not decreasing, and all this leads to the opening of new private clinics. By the way, in the advertisements of owners of commercial real estate one can often see a note: “Leasing under a private clinic”. Among other things, purely psychologically, the tenant from medicine is associated with cleanliness and order.

The room plays an important role in opening its own clinic. The head of private practice faces a choice: commercial property for rent or its purchase. Much depends on the availability of funds. Undoubtedly, the first option (rental premises) is more economical. He is chosen by most representatives of private medicine. Real estate prices are one of the factors holding back the overall development of private medicine. Consequently, the rental of premises will be the outlet to which this business will increasingly turn its gaze.

By the way, representatives of private medicine themselves call the serious lack of specially equipped rooms one of the main problems that impede the development of private practices. Finding specialists and buying the necessary equipment is less difficult. If the landlord can provide additional washbasins, special ventilation and electricity, then he will have the opportunity not to reduce the rent due to the characteristics of this room. The room must comply with the standards of medical and preventive institutions.

It is clear that the share of private clinics will increase. If you look at international experience, for example, in the European Union their share is 15%, and in North America - 20%. Recent years have been marked by the clear development of paid medical services. The number of clinics is increasing, in this area investors began to appear for whom this type of activity is uncharacteristic. Despite the lack of stability in the economy, there is confidence that this market will gain momentum, and citizens will not save on health. For example, only in dentistry paid medicine almost completely crowds out public services.

About 80% of people are willing to pay for an individual approach and normal private treatment. Against this background, commercial real estate will be in demand and the issue of rental premises will remain relevant.

With all this, if you open a private clinic in your area according to our scheme, you can earn twice. The first time - on a rental space, renting it to the clinic. The second time - at the clinic, becoming a partner in its opening. By filling out the contact form, you will be able to access the business plan and terms of cooperation. Let your commercial property run twice!


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