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Modern technologies, including 3D modeling and virtual reality, are increasingly being applied in medical training. We offer our innovative 3D Model Bundle for Colorectal Surgery - a high-quality product capable of transforming surgical training and enhancing the level of learning without leaving the clinic.
Our 3D model bundle represents a detailed and accurate set of virtual models covering a wide range of conditions and diseases related to colorectal surgery. The models are created based on real clinical cases and images obtained using advanced medical equipment.

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/The Lower Third of the Rectum/

  1. Lower third rectal cancer: The most common disease in this area, often requiring surgical intervention.

  2. Polyps: Benign formations that can potentially transform into cancer.

  3. Hemorrhoids: Venous dilatation in the rectum causing bleeding and pain.

  4. Anal fissures: Small tears in the rectum that cause pain during defecation.

  5. Rectocele: Protrusion of the rectal wall into the vagina in women.

  6. Rectal prolapse: Protrusion of part or all of the rectum through the anus.

  7. Diverticulosis: Presence of small pouches in the rectal wall that can cause inflammation.

  8. Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

  9. Anal caruncles: Hypertrophic papillae that can cause discomfort or pain.

  10. Abscesses and fistulas: These are infections that create pockets of pus in the rectum and can connect to the skin or other organs.

  11. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): A functional disorder that can cause a range of symptoms including diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal pain.

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  1. A multitude of 3D models covering different types of diseases and conditions of the colorectal zone.

  2. Interactive modules simulating various types of surgical interventions, including resection, anastomosis, and others.

  3. Virtual tutorials and guides describing standard procedures and advanced techniques in colorectal surgery.

  4. Built-in tools for tracking progress and evaluating the user's learning effectiveness.

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  1. Training and Practice: Our product allows surgeons to learn and practice on realistic 3D models, improving their practical skills, understanding of anatomy, and pathology.

  2. Visualization: Detailed visualization and intricacies of anatomy provide doctors with a unique opportunity to explore and understand the human body structure in the finest detail.

  3. Safety and Efficiency: It enables doctors to try out new techniques and approaches in a safe virtual environment before applying them to patients, reducing the likelihood of errors and enhancing surgical intervention efficiency.

  4. Accessibility and Convenience: Doctors can use this set for training and practice at any time and place, providing them with greater flexibility in the learning process.

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