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Medical Clinics

We establish, operate and develop a big range of medical centres all around the world since 1995

We would be happy to share our knowledge with you and together manage a successful clinic in your town.

You may ask how many clinics in fact we have opened? Now it is not that easy to answer. Slava Ostrovsky, the founder of Ostrovsky Consultants, personally supervised the opening of dozens of clinics in the well-known network, initiated and opened the Oxford Medial chain now successfully operating and growing in Ukraine, and he's the president and co-founder of the S Class Clinic network, multipurpose medical centers in Russia.

We have developed and succsesfully running exclusive medical software for clinics on-line operating and support. Our software installed in dozens clinics throught Russia and Ukraine.

We came to the point that opening of clinics could not be a copy & paste procedure by simply copying the existing branches. Clinic is primarily about people. Business means getting along with people. Therefore, in all the opened clinics Ostrovsky Consultants executives oversee the selection of the staff and always find time to personally train doctors, directors, telephone operators and receptionists. From the experience, it will not be possible to open a clinic only on the basis of guidance materials (which are regularly reissued and adapted to the new market realities) or by delegating authority to less experienced professionals.

This business is surely enduring. It is not subject to any crisis (it survived the default in the late 1990's and perfectly handled the recent crisis). It is getting on nicely with poor governance as well. In the worst case, the clinic will just earn less. BUT. We in Ostrovsky Consultants are perfectionists and we prefer doing everything with the top quality. We do not want that our good name would be ever spoiled by any negative feedback from our patients. We would like our employees, partners and all of us to earn money. We are making a better future looking from the standpoint of a healthy economy. We believe that if your business is successful, then your patients are happy, your employees earn well and like their place of work, all are doing perfectly all right. 

Win Win!

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Some of our successful projects

Just a few of them

Network of successful medical clinics with Cosmetology, Gynaecology, Proctology, Urology, Plastic Surgery and Surgery wards. Operated in ten big Russian cities.

Brand-new and extremely fast-growing medical clinics Net with branches in Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk (Siberia), Barnaul, Surgut, Ryazan and Volgograd

Oxford Medical is the largest network of medical centres across Ukraine. 20 medical specialties. 20 branches. 10 years of experience.

Famous network-boutique with a branches in Krasnodar, Sochi, Ekaterinburg and Rostov-Don. Operating Proctology, urology, Gynecology, Dermatology and Cosmetology wards. 20 years on the market!

Medical Clinics in Kaliningrad and Omsk.

Brand new boutique clinic for most common delicate problem solutions: proctology, male sexual dysfunction, aesthetic gynecology and plastic surgery in Vilnius, Lithuania

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