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The Clinic of Innovative Medicine in Vilnius, Lithuania has started its operation on March, 8 2021

After more than twenty years of work in the private medicine market, we came to the decision to open a new medical brand, designed to embody all the accumulated experience in the framework of strictly selected medical departments. The first clinic of the new network will be opened in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The boutique clinic will meet all the most stringent requirements of the European Union for medical facilities.

A new network of clinics will be presented in the capitals: Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Oslo, London, Madrid. Of the non-capital cities, Barcelona has been selected.

The network control center will be Vilnius. Lithuania is known as the technological capital of Europe and therefore, Vilnius was chosen as the Center.

Clinics will operate under the InnMed (Innovative Medicine) brand and will deal with the following issues:

  1. High-tech proctology. The treatment of hemorrhoids and rectal fissures has been known for a long time and is popular in the surgical departments of hospitals. The latest equipment allows you to get rid of these problems forever in just 40 minutes. The technique is certified in the Euro Union and will be implemented with the participation of Israeli world-class specialists.

  2. Technological treatment of potency problems. Among hundreds of methods for treating intimate problems in men, after almost 25 years of work in this area and studying world developments, we abandoned the medical methods of solving this problem and switched to the successful use of advanced methods based on high-end Israeli Renova technology and the experience of Israeli doctors who will oversee work of the department.

  3. High-precision mini operations in the gynaecology department aimed at correcting cosmetic and other defects.

  4. For the convenience of our patients, the therapist will conduct an appointment at the clinic, and a small hospital will be presented (not a mandatory solution for this level of intervention, but aimed at increasing the comfort of some patients).

  5. Department of pregnancy management.

Thus, the clinic’s departments is united under the sign of high technology, intimacy of problems and under the auspices of the help of Israeli colleagues from the country's leading hospitals.
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