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Clinics in Israel - an innovative approach

To this day, modern medicine has everything you need to successfully treat the most complex diseases. Israeli clinics are the first medical institutions where new and advanced developments are being introduced immediately after their appearance.

In this amazing country, there are many diverse medical clinics, centers and medical hospitals, among which there are 4 main types:

  • State medical institutions

  • Private hospitals

  • Hospitals of public corporations

  • Clinics run by health insurance schemes

  • State medical institutions

Israeli clinics have the most powerful potential with three main components - material, scientific and technical. The best specialists in the world with the highest qualifications work in Israeli medicine. Many of the doctors have a big world name. It is not surprising that the treatment of an extensive list of diseases in this country is the most effective in the world, and their diagnosis is as accurate as possible.

What diseases are treated in clinics in Israel?

In Israel, great attention is paid to the following areas of medicine:

  • Diagnosis and chemical analysis of blood

  • Gynecology: IVF

  • Oncology

  • Neuro-oncology

  • Cardiology

  • Orthopedics

  • Ophthalmology

  • Surgery

  • Pediatrics

  • Urology

  • Neurosurgery

  • Endovascular surgery

The duration of a person’s stay in the clinic depends on the disease and the complexity of the upcoming therapy. Before arriving at an Israeli medical facility, the patient receives a consultation from a clinic representative during which optimal check-in dates are discussed. The clinic also sends out a special invitation to undergo treatment in Israel. This might be necessary for unhindered border control procedures.

Why is treatment in Israel considered the most beneficial?

Speaking of benefits, many people mean finances. But not only when it comes to one's own health, since it is more expensive than all money. The cost of treatment in Israel is measured by saved lives, the latest techniques and the most qualified specialists.

Israeli clinics have everything they need to restore and maintain their precious health. What is the most common medical facility in Israel? This is a combination of scientific approaches and thoroughly practiced practical methods for the treatment of a huge range of diseases.

Many Israeli clinics are equipped with blood and stem cell banks, laboratories and institutes. Once in any medical center in this country, the Russian patient radically changes his ideas about medicine. Here you don’t have to wait months for the date of the examination, and such a familiar concept in Russia as a “bribe” in Israeli centers simply does not exist.

Benefits of contacting Israeli clinics

The treatment of diseases in Israel has a number of undeniable advantages. The statistics of cured patients eloquently testify to this. The cordial attitude to patients of all highly qualified personnel, the feeling of "home" care, warmth and comfort in the hospital walls, accurate diagnosis and a well-chosen course of treatment - all this affects the patients as well as possible, forcing even the most terrible disease to recede step by step. In Israeli clinics, 65-80% of patients who turn in time successfully undergo treatment courses and return to their normal lives!

Treatment in Israel - the most budgetary in the world!

Many Israeli clinics have huge virtual portals, on the pages of which grateful patients describe their impressions of the treatment. These reviews serve as a kind of proof of the effectiveness of treatment and the quality of medical care in general. In addition, the cost of diagnosing diseases and their subsequent treatment is quite affordable. It is worth noting that, despite the expensive modern high-tech methods, the most advanced in the world, treatment in Israel remains the most budgetary among all other clinics in Europe!


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